Code - Game Design - Music



Oshka is a casual F2P object stacking game for iOS that features a cute Russian folk aesthetic - stack as many Matryoshka dolls as you can!



Tools: Unity, C#, Protools

Platform: iOS

My Responsibilities: Game Design, Code, Music, Audio

Team Size: 2

Available: <Here>

Oshka was the first game released by Moth Likely - a Melbourne indie games studio founded by Jair McBain and myself. The game was designed and developed over a 3 month period and released in October of 2018.

Design Goals

  • Design a simple, intuitive, single mechanic game that is easy to learn but challenging

  • Implement a difficulty curve that accounts for a range of skill levels

  • Implement a coin reward and doll unlocking system for retention

  • Manage scope to allow for completion within a 3 month time limit

Code Challenges

  • Implementing Unity IAP

  • Designing an extendable system to procedurally populate the in game shop UI with dolls for purchase

  • Handling multiple Unity rewarded ad placements and corresponding in-game rewards system

  • Designing reliable physics based game mechanics

  • Designing a music system that speeds up as the player progresses through the game

Design Challenges

  • Finding a difficulty balance at late game stage that is challenging but not overly frustrating for most players

  • Designing a single game mechanic that is interesting enough to engage players

  • Resisting the urge to increase scope with extra game mechanics

  • Finding a balance between rewarding the player enough to encourage them to continue playing while not giving them so much that they unlock all content too quickly