Code - Game Design - Music



Nineve is a micro exploration and music game in which the player skips stones across the surface of a lake to create calming melodies



Tools: Unity, C#

Platform: PC/Mac

My Responsibilities: Code, Music, AudiO

Team Size: 2

Available: <Here>

Nineve is designed to give players an accessible way to create beautiful music, paired with the exploration of a low poly environment. To create music, the player must pick up stones and skim them across the lake’s surface. A successful throw results in the creation of a melody comprised of randomly generated musical notes which then plays on loop as the player continues to explore the environment. Through the repetition of this process, multiple melodies are layered on top of each other creating a beautiful musical texture. Nineve was designed as part of Moth Likely’s monthly micro game project.

Design Goals

  • Create a generative music system that is accessible, easy to understand and always produces aesthetically pleasing music

  • Create an overall calming experience with an emphasis on creativity and exploration over challenge

  • Create an intuitive system for skipping stones across the lake

  • Manage scope to allow for completion within a month

Code Challenges

  • Designing a system for the generation and playback of multiple musical melodies

  • Implementing logic to handle the detection of whether the stone successfully skips on the water or should sink, based on object velocity and collision angle

  • Designing a system for animating plants to rotate away from the player on collision

  • Handling object interactions and states (e.g. when can an object be picked up, how to position it when it is picked up, preventing pickup when already holding an object)

  • Designing the animation controller for the player arms (especially accounting for throw animations and cancelling throw animations)