Code - Game Design - Music

Singy Cave


Singy Cave is a 2D rogue-lite that tasks the player with defeating monsters in singing competitions while hunting for treasure in a procedurally generated dungeon



Tools: Unity, C#, BFXR

Platform: PC/Mac

Responsibilities: Game Design, Code, Music, Audio, ARt

Team Size: Solo Project

Available: <Here>

Singy Cave is based on the idea of combing traditional game types with music-based mechanics to create new, non-violent experiences. To this end, a melody matching mechanic requiring the player to use aural skills to memorise and recall melodic information is used in place of a more traditional roguelike combat system.

Design Goals

  • Create a casual roguelike incorporating music mechanics instead of combat mechanics

  • Implement a difficulty curve over three levels

  • Create intuitive systems with a tutorial level that teaches via play, not via text instruction

  • Manage scope to allow for completion within the 1 month time limit

  • Design a coherent visual aesthetic

Code Challenges

  • Learning how to procedurally generate 2D, tile based dungeons

  • Learning how to implement A* pathfinding for monsters

  • Generating random melodies for each combat encounter

  • Handling action order for the player and monsters in a turn based movement system

  • Handling combat states and music input (e.g. when should a monster start listening to player melody input and how does it judge whether the player has used the correct sequence of notes)

  • Learning to handle game state transition timing (especially moving from exploration to combat and vice versa)

Design Challenges

  • Managing the difficulty arc by increasing the complexity of music based mechanics

  • Designing a tutorial level that demonstrates game mechanics through play without text instructions

  • Communicating the function of decoy item without using text

  • Removing features to prevent scope creep given limited development time

  • Learning how to design tile art for procedurally generated dungeons