Code - Game Design - Music



Constellarium is a meditative soundscape toy in which the player creates music by drawing constellations in the stars



Tools: Unity, C#, AUDACITY

Platform: PC/Mac

My Responsibilities: Code, Music, AudiO

Team Size: 2

Available: <Here>

Constellarium is designed to give players an accessible way to create beautiful, meditative music through the drawing of constellations in a procedurally generated star field. The player draws lines between stars to create constellations, which in turn generates autonomous agents that traverse the constellation, triggering musical notes as they come into contact with stars. Each star has its own pitch material, which is procedurally assigned based on a musical mode selected at random at the generation of the star field. Through the simple process of drawing constellations, the player is able to create quite complex but always aesthetically pleasing sound collages. Constellarium was designed as part of Moth Likely’s monthly micro game project.

Design Goals

  • Create a generative music system that is accessible, does not require any musical training to use and always produces aesthetically pleasing music

  • Create an overall calming experience with an emphasis on creativity, simplicity, minimal challenge and no failure state

  • Create an intuitive system for drawing constellations using lines and stars

  • Manage scope to allow for completion within a month

Code Challenges

  • Designing a system for handling the drawing and removal of lines between star objects, to be used as pathways for autonomous agents that travel between stars

  • Implementing logic to handle which pathways the agents can take, based on their previous travel and the behaviour of other agents

  • Distributing pitch information across a procedurally generated star field in such a way as to ensure aesthetically pleasing music outcomes

  • Handling of UI navigation and animations