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Bubonic Burgers


Bubonic Burgers is a F2P match-3 game that tasks the player with feeding mutated teenagers with brain burgers in a post apocalyptic burger bar. Cook each burger with the correct combination of weird ingredients and don’t mess up or your customers will spew!



Platform: iOS, Android

My Responsibilities: Team Lead, Game Design, UI Design, monetisation design, Creative Director

Team Size: 4

No longer available

I was the project lead for this title, responsible for the concept, gameplay design, monetisation strategy, UI design, art direction, design documentation, and coordinating between team members.

Design Goals:

  • Create a simple game designed around a pattern matching mechanic

  • Twitch based, fun but challenging gameplay

  • Short core loop with challenge balanced for engagement and retention

  • Video ads, in app purchase monetisation strategy


  • Using game difficulty to compensate for minimal content and to maintain retention

  • Coordinating a remote team across four time zones

  • Communicating gameplay instructions to the player (e.g. in which order to correctly select ingredients)

  • Feel and responsiveness of UI interactions